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The SAGE Classroom Project: Because every child deserves a healthy classroom.

The SAGE Alternative: Why It Matters

With shrinking budgets, aging buildings, and enrollments fluctuating like never before, more and more school districts are turning to modular classrooms to fill the void where brick-and-mortar schools leave off. The benefits of the typical modular classrooms are lower costs, quicker installation times, and portability. The SAGE Classroom offers even more.

We’re passionate about creating resource-efficient buildings that improve the learning experience for students and the bottom line for administrators. This is why we’ve helped pioneer the SAGE classroom. SAGE combines the latest thinking in healthy learning environments with the best in green building practices. A collaborative effort of Portland State University, Blazer Industries, and Pacific Mobile Structures, the SAGE (Smart Academic Green Environment) Classroom offers school districts the flexibility of relocatable classrooms and the affordability of modular construction—all in an award-winning design.

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    • Improved HVAC systems based on energy recovery ventilation for healthier air, noise reduction and energy conservation
    • More and bigger windows to increase natural daylight, which stimulates learning
    • Steel floor structure for greater portability and reduced infrastructure
    • Environmentally safe building materials that don’t release toxins into the air

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