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Smart Academic Green Environments (SAGE) accommodate Edmonds School District’s increasing enrollment while ensuring students breathe three times the fresh air, and benefit from four times more natural daylight compared to standard relocatable classrooms. District administrators ordered 28x32 and 28x64 SAGE classrooms throughout a two-year span, housing students at elementary, middle and high school campuses.

45 days from delivery to occupancy.

SAGE classrooms feature energy-efficient ERV (energy recovery ventilator) mechanical systems, low-velocity fans, vaulted ceilings and continuous dimming luminary lighting. Exterior mechanical room houses the ERV unit providing an enclosed communication IDF (intermediate distribution frame). BIOPCM Phase Change Material stabilizes indoor temperatures. Sitting closer to the ground reduces costs with relocation, maintenance, foundation, stairs, and ramps. The exterior incorporates a modern architectural look with large overhangs, and Hardie reveal siding protecting the building. Additional windows
ensure the most natural daylight; reducing the amount of energy. The building design qualifies for LEED certification.


Click here to download the project profiles and floor plans